Brixton Hill
Feasibility Study, 2017

This corner site on the edge of the Rush Common and Brixton Hill Conservation Area is currently occupied by a 1980s office that was later converted from commercial to residential use. Our studies explored a total re-planning of the apartments and circulation, a roof top extension, and recladding the structure in a manner more in-keeping with the residential and retail terraces that run along the street. At street level, a new public space sits between the run of shops, cafes and restaurants, and at roof level, a private terrace is provided for residents,

Taking reference from their context, the elevations become a sympathetic reworking of architectural elements found within an area characterised by layers of development from different historic periods. Long slender sills, deep concrete bands and a mix of brick work patterns draw from the positive, uniform characteristics of the existing terraces.


Achieving a level of generosity not evident in the original conversion drove the redesign. Stairwells and corridors get daylight and views, and apartments feature more fluid layouts of greater area and amenity.

Overview Sketch.jpg
Street Sketch.jpg
Elevation View.jpg
Elevation Studies_03_GW edit.jpg