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Cedars Close  

Blackheath, London, United Kingdom

2015 – 2017 

Client: Private

Having been divided into flats our scheme redresses a history of issues with the preservation of the 1830s, grade II listed house by reinstating a series of spaces that have suffered from the effects of cumulative but disjointed modifications throughout its life.

The spaces now make up the flat used to be part of the house’s main reception rooms, with a wide passage running west to east connecting the social spaces to the hall. This ensemble of rooms - from entrance, to hall, to passage and through to the reception rooms - formed a formal sequence that was always intended to impress.


Since, the spatial sequence has been interrupted: the anteroom no longer leads into the ballrooms but instead becomes a dead end and grand openings and entrances have been subdivided into awkward doorways.Removing the partitions and the false ceiling reveal the original character of the Gallery and return the rooms to their original, generous proportions. Bedrooms and the extended living space now center around the hall in a layout of greater clarity and character


Existing Photos 

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