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Dartmouth Row
Planning Granted, 2018

Built in 1884 and set within Blackheath Conservation Area, this locally-listed home was built in 1884 holds a prominent position on the corner of Dartmouth Grove and Dartmouth Row. It was once known as Hillside Lodge and was used for some years as a school, it's location and stature are reflected in its design.

Now a family home, the client's brief focused on four main areas within the property: the basement, kitchen, garage and roof. The recently approved proposals draw on the best qualities of this historic home and its setting, and build upon them through a series of simple yet impactful changes. Throughout, the intention is to create a more vibrant, bright and fluid series of living spaces housed within an historic exterior and provide an increased level of outside amenity.

An out-of-keeping kitchen extension is replaced with a smaller, corten-clad addition that opens onto the enlarged courtyard. At the end of the courtyard, an existing garage is replaced with a second corten element that combines a bike store with a secluded terrace above.

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