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Project Page Guide
First Image 780px wide and any height
Text box follows at 610 px wide
Max 8. Images follow and adhere to agreed sizes, aspect ratios and layouts for consistency
Within that, any order and array of sizes acceptable
Show a variety of imagery and processes rather than to attempt to tell the complete story
No text
Mix media (sketch, models, formal drawings, etc)
No renders
Avoid white backgrounds
Grey fill behind plans - use photoshop file on server for correct colour and sizes
80px space between bottom of one image and top of the next
20px space between two adjacent images
Always centred
Use photoshop template for correct sizes and aspect ratios (P:\Office\Website\00_Templates)
1.5 Line Spacing Throughout
Titles Helvetica 14, Subtitles Helvetica 10 Italic, Body Helvetica Light 12
2 Lines of white space above text box, 5 lines below
Project Title 
Project Stage 

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