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Royal College Street 

Kings Cross, London, United Kingdom



A new community healthcare facility on Royal College Street in North London. The scheme has been carefully designed as a step down care facility with health and well being at the forefront of the spatial arrangement; social spaces, roof terraces and generous views all encouraging and enhancing recovery. Extensive consideration has been given to the the well being of the staff, with specific areas designed to enable genuine areas of rest during breaks in shifts. 


Architecturally the scheme takes inspiration from the early days of the NHS with a simple and methodical facade interspersed with moments of detail. The simple white tiled cladding is interrupted with horizontal bands of green planters and bay windows. 

A central spacious core leads onto the wings of the building housing ward rooms and healthcare facilities, with the roof holding a terrace for use by both patients and staff.

Planning permission was granted in July 2020.


Site Photos 

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