Sweyn Place
Planning Granted, 2017


     “The test of good housing is not whether it can be built easily, but whether it can be lived in easily”
     Eric Lyons
ICA were appointed to remodel the internal layout of a 1960’s Span House in Blackheath. Designed by Eric Lyons, the span houses were a radical response to the need for house in the post war era. Encouraging an ethos of  building ‘homes within a garden’ and facilitating opportunities for social interaction.
ICA’s proposal respects the character and cultural significance of typology whilst adapting it to suit the clients needs. A new staircase forms the primary object in a series which define the extents of the space within open plan. A storage unit, a stove and rooflight act as informal definitions of the living areas. Considered as two flights, the lower flight of the stair forms a solid element, acting not only as circulation but forming a piece of furniture integral to the space. The upper flight is lightweight, allowing light to flood the space from the rooflight above 

Stair Model Sweyn Place.jpg
Stair Model Sweyn Place 2.jpg